Australia is known for its sunny days and sunshine and therefore receives more solar radiation than any other continent providing a significant advantage on renewable energy through solar power. Local solar experts such as Hunter Solar Solutions install solar panels Newcastle wide and can help you bring guaranteed quality and performance to withstand Australian weather. Whether you wish to cut costs or receive the many environmental benefits, solar panels are a must have in 2023!

Renewable Energy

There is a pressing global need to shift away from the use of fossil fuels and towards cleaner, greener energy sources such as solar power. Government regulations in Australia, such as the Renewable Energy Target, are placing pressure on both large and small enterprises to invest in solar PV technology. Homeowners are also contributing by investing in renewable energy for their homes. Solar energy, which derives its energy from the sun, plays an essential role in cutting emissions. Installing solar helps to increase renewable energy while also minimising your carbon impact now and in the future.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Alongside financial benefits, installing a solar power system could be a fantastic asset when selling your property in Australia’s increasingly green atmosphere. Solar panels are a quick and easy solution to make your property more appealing to potential buyers, and they look great and perform well. Today’s panels are sleek and engineered to match the pitch of your roof with minimal hidden wiring, and they barely impact the appearance of your house at all.

Financial Benefits

Solar energy is abundant, renewable, and long-term. As the cost of going solar falls year after year, an increasing number of Australians are making the transition. Saving money on electricity costs has helped clients save thousands of dollars over the life of our systems. For most Australians after installation of solar panels the system begins to pay for itself between 2-5 years. Installing solar is a long term-investment and therefore products should be of the highest quality.

Convenient & Minimal Maintenance:

Solar panels are a versatile and efficient modern technology with one of their advantages being that they are self-generating. Solar panels generate energy on your rooftop from the sun as opposed to regular electricity, which must be delivered from large power plants via extensive networks. Long-distance transmissions are prone to power outages, which can cause client blackouts whereas solar power systems are long-lasting, with minimal concerns about power interruptions or harm. If you’re looking for an efficient solution, solar panels provide a useful lifespan of 20-25 years with little to no maintenance needed. Most solar panels will just need a quick clean or check every 5 years to ensure no damage from external conditions such as storms, debris or dust to ensure it maintains its performance.

With the unpredictable future of Australia’s weather and financial climate, it’s important to have a system that is in its best condition. To obtain a free assessment, advice or assistance with solar products, contact Hunter Solar Solutions in Newcastle to begin your sustainable solar journey.

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