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Hunter Solar Solutions, located in Newcastle offers top-tier solar inverters, battery storage systems, and solar panels in Maryland. We approach our work at Hunter Solar Solutions with transparency and integrity, ensuring you feel confident that you’ll receive excellent service. Beyond ensuring a high level of quality achievable by our in-house team, we will suggest a system tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring mutual benefits for you and your property.

With over 35 years of experience, Hunter Solar Solutions has been effectively reducing energy expenses for residents across Maryland. Discover the most attractive deals on battery storage, hot water systems and solar panels in Maryland and the surrounding Newcastle areas at Hunter Solar Solutions. We specialise in selling residential and commercial solar panel systems to residents of Maryland, Newcastle and various nearby suburbs, ensuring we understand the best solutions for your home.

Maryland Solar Installers

We understand that significant investments in solar energy can be challenging, and not all solar providers offer the same level of service. As a local Newcastle solar panel installer with highly qualified staff, premium equipment, and a commitment to a personalised service, we stand by the expertise and assurance we provide for all local installations. To provide peace of mind before committing to solar, every system we offer comes with a performance guarantee based on extensive testing in challenging local conditions, along with a complimentary initial solar assessment.

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Our Maryland Solar Services

With a long-standing presence in Newcastle, Maryland, we have been delivering top-notch services to local clients for many years. Hunter Solar Systems leads the way in residential and commercial solar solutions in Maryland and other Newcastle suburbs. We can guide you in transitioning to renewable energy, ensuring your home or business remains powered for years to come.

Over the lifespan of our systems, customers have saved significant amounts on their electricity bills. Solar energy, harnessed from the sun, also plays a crucial role in reducing emissions. Installing solar not only diminishes your carbon footprint presently but contributes to the growth of renewable energy sources in the future.

So, whether you reside in Maryland or the nearby suburbs, Hunter Solar Solutions can supply the equipment necessary for your solar solutions or solar panel installations. We guarantee that our systems can meet your needs while delivering reliable performance in the face of challenging local weather conditions and elevated electricity costs.

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Why Hunter Solar Solutions?

Our team is wholly dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and state-of-the-art solar power solutions to Maryland and its surrounding areas.

Whether you need assistance with solar panel installations or acquiring a rechargeable home battery solution, our skilled installers and solar specialists are here to help. Hunter Solar Solutions, a locally owned and operated company, takes a progressive approach to constructing solar energy systems. We exclusively use durable solar equipment approved by CEC, along with high-quality electrical components, ensuring the entire installation lasts for many years and minimises your electricity costs.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and resources to help you achieve your goals for more renewable and sustainable energy, contributing to a brighter future for all Maryland residents. Contact Hunter Solar Solutions today for a quote or to schedule an energy assessment.

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I couldn’t recommend Hunter Solar Solutions highly enough. From the initial consultation when Wayne answered all my questions in a clear way to help me understand how having solar would save me money, to the installation team who were punctual and explained how to use my system. It’s been a great experience!