Before you completely commit to a solar system provider installer, you should be able to vet them properly. After all, you’re making a long-term investment for your home. Making a sudden decision without knowing a solar installer’s quality, turnaround time, warranties, or accreditation can end up being a bad experience with too many costs attached.

To properly analyse if a solar installer is right for you, we recommend asking seven questions. Let’s take a look below:

1. Are They Locally Owned and Operated?

Support the local economy while taking advantage of the value locally owned businesses offer. With solar panels being sensitive to a place’s climate, it only makes sense for a locally owned business to know the best for your needs.

Hunter Solar Solutions is known to be a locally owned and operated business!

However, the questions to ask don’t stop there.

2. What’s The Quality of the Product?

It’s also crucial to check the quality of the products any company offers. When looking for quality, you’re looking for reliability and efficiency in one.

Your solar panels need to supply as much power as you need without sacrificing value. With Hunter Solar Solutions, you have products that are able to withstand all kinds of weather. With that kind of endurance, performance won’t suffer.

Plus, the state of the art technology and wiring guarantees optimal yields. Their inverters and batteries are flexible, adaptive, and integrated with modern technology to work best with HSS panels.

3. What’s Their Experience?

Experience is directly correlated to expertise. Solar power systems are much easier to install with more guarantee of quality with experience behind a business.

Hunter Solar Solutions have founders with over 18 and 35 years of solar and electrical experience. HSS has completed thousands of successful installations!

4. Do They Have CEC Solar Accreditation?

Being accredited by the Clean Energy Council is an extra layer of reassurance that your preferred company has quality products. It ensures that the company is progressing towards smarter, cleaner energy with competent products and installation.

Hunter Solar Solutions possesses a CEC solar accreditation, guaranteeing you quality and value.

5. What’s the Turnaround Time?

Once installed, solar panels should be good in your building for 20 to 25 years. The initial cost, according to The Energy Experts Australia, is paid back by the system within 3 years.

6. Is There a Warranty?

However reliable a solar power system seems, a warranty is still a must. There are certain emergencies and circumstances we can’t avoid, or a flaw in solar power systems that we couldn’t have foreseen.

Take Hunter Solar Solutions as an example. Their Q.Antum and LG solar panels come with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear warranty.

7. What’s the After Sales Service?

Just because a transaction is completed doesn’t mean the client relationship is over. An after sales service is crucial for customers! At this point, a solar power company should provide you with a follow-up contact, instructions in case emergencies happen, maintenance information, and warranties.


The seven questions above can help you evaluate the status of your preferred solar installer – and their compatibility to your needs. Going solar is no easy feat, and can dictate how your home is run for decades. These seven questions can get you to a point of evaluation easily and make the right decision.

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