An effective solar power system is necessary if you want to install a reliable solar energy source in your home. To be able to distinguish effectivity, however, you must first have a basic understanding of its components!

Let’s start diving into what makes up an effective solar power system.

The different components of a solar power system


These are your solar panels! Once installed on your roof, these panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity to power your home. The system’s performance largely depends on what kind of panels you use and how they’re mounted and installed onto your home.

There’s a wide variety of solar panels available out there! The three main types you will choose from are monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film ones. Their cost and performance vary, so make sure you’re making the right choice for a long-term investment with your solar power system.


To be able to properly power your home, solar power has to go through inverters. It converts the electricity generated from DC to AC to supply power into your appliances.

Inverters are crucial for an effective solar power system to be possible. You also want to look into an efficient cooling system for your inverters! LG says that most low-quality inverters fail in the Australian climate. Make sure you have all your bases covered for your solar power system to work properly.

What Are Microinverters?

Most solar power systems come with a single, central inverter. Microinverters are a set of smaller inverters that feed electricity into one to two panels.

For some prospective buyers, microinverters can be the best option! Microinverters maximise the electricity generated by each panel to feed into the grid voltage. You can end up using a lot of hardware and the maintenance costs shoot up — but it may well be worth it.


Most solar power systems don’t have a battery, but it can be a crucial component if you do opt for one. A solar battery stores all excess energy your system generates that hasn’t been used!

It’s an extra layer of assurance that you can access power during emergencies! It also allows you to optimise your system for your own experience.


A rack system secures your solar panels to your roof or the ground. Not only does it guarantee safety for your solar power system, it also allows your solar panels to perform their best! The sun’s rays change their angles over time, but with the right orientation and inclination, your panels can get the most energy production no matter the time of day.

Introducing: Hunter Solar Solutions’ Solar Power System

Hunter Solar Solutions provides effective components that make up a quality solar power system. Let’s take a look:

  • Q.Plus L-G4.2 Solar Module – with high power suitable for all weather and yield security.
  • LG Neon Modules – sleek design, certified for field performance, and increased power and temperature output.
  • Q.Peak Duo ML-G9 – with cell separation, innovative wiring, and extreme weather efficiency with the zero gap cell layout.
  • EnPhase IQ 7 and IQ7+ – Enphase monitoring and analysis-integrated microinverters that showcase reliability, lightweight installation, and advanced grid performance.
  • Fronius Symo – a three-phase inverter with the flexibility to adapt to systems of all sizes and the ability to integrate easily with third-party components.
  • Enphase C Battery – a plug and play battery with stable, reliable cells that interconnect with household wiring easily.

Wrap Up

A solar power system is only as efficient and powerful as each of its components. We hope this article shed light on how each can function, and how HSS can provide the best products for each component. Ready to go solar? See more about Hunter Solar Solutions here.

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