Investing in solar is a big long term financial commitment, so its important to consider how much solar you will need. In order to calculate how much solar you may need, consider the number of peak sun hours you get each day. Contrary to popular belief, not all sunlight can be used by solar power systems. Only during its peak hours can a solar panel convert the sunlight it receives.

Check Your Annual Electricity Usage

The first thing you need to look at is your typical monthly electricity bill. Take the average of your most recent several months’ electricity bills, then multiply it by 30. You can use it to calculate how much money and electricity you spend each day on your home. You can use this value to calculate the size of the solar system your house needs.

Determine How Much $$ You Want To Save

Cost effectiveness and savings is the main factor motivating people to use solar energy for their houses. Decide how much you intend to save, then locate a solar panel that can accommodate that amount. Installing a 3kW solar panel to your Maitland home can generate up to 5600 kWh of electricity each year. Solar panels increase the value of your property and enable you to save money, making them a wise investment.

The Area Where You Live – Maitland Solar

It is well known that solar systems depend on the daily amount of sunshine that they get. Therefore, the location of your property is a crucial consideration when choosing which solar panels to purchase. If your home receives more sunlight than it needs, you can install solar panels with lower wattage and still achieve acceptable efficiency. In contrast, it is preferable to get a powerful solar panel that can meet your home’s needs if sunshine is scarce where you live. In Maitland there are over 300 days of Sunshine a year, making it ideal for solar panel installation.


Solar power is the best option for lowering your energy costs. It costs a small amount of money each month and is safe, dependable, and clean. Additionally, you’ll be able to start making financial savings right away, help the environment, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Quality Solar Panels with Hunter Solar Solutions Maitland

If you’re looking for quality solar in Maitland panels Hunter Solar Solutions is one of the leading local solar panel installers in Maitland. Every system we sell comes with a performance guarantee after thorough testing for the most extreme Australian conditions and a free solar assessment so you can be confident before you commit. We have the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve your goals for more renewable and sustainable energy so that all Australians can enjoy a better future. Our team has more than 40 years of combined industry expertise. Contact Hunter Solar Solutions today to get a quote or book an assessment.

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