Cardiff, in NSW, has always taken pride in its forward-thinking culture and commitment to sustainable growth. Cardiff is at the forefront of the green energy revolution as the need for renewable energy increases globally, with an increasing number of homes and companies adopting solar panels and battery storage as sustainable power options.

Sunlight Hours & Solar Power

Installing solar panels on your home allows you to harness solar energy. The solar panels transform solar energy into electricity that can be utilised to run homes, businesses, and even public utilities. Cardiff offers the best conditions for utilising solar energy due to its advantageous geographic location and abundance of sunlight. Many homes have switched to solar in Cardiff to utilise this renewable energy source, resulting in the development of an eco-friendly city that is powered by the sun. In Cardiff there is about 11 hours 51 minutes of sunlight during October. The maximum hours between sunrise and sunset occur in January at about 14 hours 18 minutes. Your panels will get plenty of sunlight.

Cardiff Solar Installations

In the 2285 postcode region, which includes Cardiff, NSW, there are roughly 3523 solar installations under 10 kW and about 3804 total installations. Here there is a small solar installation (average size of 4.38 kW) for every 3.8 homes in the 2285 region, where there are an estimated 13328 families. In the Cardiff area, about 15% of homes have solar panels placed on their roofs. According to the Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APVI), Cardiff solar energy systems typically have a capacity of 2.93 kW or less. Solar panels are a great way to power a home because the average rooftop in Cardiff receives about 4.8 hours of peak sunlight each day. Systems are typically over 80% efficient, so a solar panel system can supply a lot of electricity for a Cardiff home.


  • A 1.5kW solar system will produce around 5.76kWh of power when conditions are favourable.
  • A 3kW system produces around 11.52kWh a day
  • A 5kW system produces about 19.2kWh a day
  • A 10kW system produces about 38.4kWh a day


The solar energy revolution in Cardiff is not only about technology; it’s also a way of life that fits with the community’s dedication to a sustainable future. Cardiff becomes a shining example of how a community can significantly reduce its energy usage and environmental effect as more citizens and businesses utilise the power of the sun.


Hunter Solar Solutions – Your Local Cardiff Solar Installer

The future of solar energy in this suburb appears more promising than ever due to Cardiff’s sunny environment and a culture that loves sustainability. Adoption of solar energy benefits not only specific households but also Cardiff, New South Wales as a whole by fostering a cleaner, more sustainable future. Hunter Solar Solutions is situated in Cardiff and sells to both households and business solar panel systems to and a variety of other suburbs across Newcastle.

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