Businesses in Thornton, NSW are no exception as the globe continues to adopt sustainable energy sources. For businesses seeking to lower energy expenses, improve their sustainability profile, and contribute to a better future, commercial solar power offers an affordable and environmentally beneficial solution. This blog post will discuss the advantages of commercial solar energy for your Thornton business!

Financial Benefits

One of the primary reasons businesses choose to implement commercial solar power in Thornton is the financial benefits that come with it. By generating their own electricity, businesses can reduce their energy expenses significantly. Newcastle’s commercial solar power provides a dependable and environmentally friendly substitute for the increasingly costly traditional energy sources. Additionally, feed-in tariff agreements and government incentives allow businesses in Newcastle to increase their return on investment by allowing them to resell excess solar energy back to the grid. By implementing high-end solar panels from companies like Enphase, Suntech, Q Cells, and Fronius, provided by us. You will ensure a high-quality commercial solar system that is able to survive the Australian climate and conditions!

Encourage Sustainable Business Practices

In addition to its financial advantages, commercial solar power makes a substantial contribution to environmental sustainability. Thornton businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and meet their environmental targets. Commercial solar in Thornton will be essential to achieving these goals, setting the standard for a more environmentally friendly future, and motivating other Australians to do the same. If you want to reduce costs for your business or add sustainability to your operations, our solar panels in Newcastle are your solution. Not every person in the solar sector has the same set of circumstances. We give customised solutions because we are aware of your various needs. Rather than forcing you to buy something, we will work with you to identify a long-term solution that benefits both you and your building!

Commercial Solar Thornton

  • Roughly 17% of the households around Thornton have solar panels on their roofs
  • The average rooftop in Thornton receives approximately 4.8 hours of ‘peak sun’ per day, averaged throughout the year. Assuming an overall system efficiency of about 80%.
  • Rebates on any system are available to all commercial Thornton businesses. Depending on the size system you require, these federal grants can contribute to the total cost of your solar package.
  • Approximately 2931 solar installations under 10 kW and approximately 3301 total installations, including large-scale solar, are located in the 2322 postcode region, which includes Thornton, NSW.

Hunter Solar Solutions takes pride in its work and provides an obligation-free examination so that you may feel confident before you commit. If you wish to install solar panels or have a solar solution, we have the technology available to you. Plan a solar solution for your commercial business by getting in touch with Hunter Solar Solutions today. You can be sure that you will receive high-quality goods and services that will provide many benefits for years to come. Switching to solar is not just a trend, it’s an investment. Read more about our commercial solar systems here!

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